Payable directly Netflix is ​​canceling one of its most popular free offers

Payable directly: Netflix is ​​canceling one of its most popular free offers!

Streaming services are now a dime a dozen and sooner or later you have to decide what you want. Free trial months were always helpful. With Netflix that is now over.

So far, the streaming platform Netflix has been extensively tested for 30 days before one had to decide whether to subscribe to the service for a fee or not. Films, series, documentaries from all over the world could be examined carefully – all without any problems.

A look at the help center reveals that the free Netflix trial period has been abolished. If you want to use the service, you have to subscribe right from the start and of course pay.

The Netflix free trial period has been abolished

If you live in other countries such as Austria, the USA or Kazakhstan, for example, you can still benefit from a trial month – the trial subscription has not been canceled worldwide. In return, Netflix has increased the prices of some subscription models there.

Netflix is ​​testing new functionality

The abolition of the trial month is not the only news from Netflix. As already reported, the streaming service is currently testing a new function. The “Random Playback” button, which can be seen under the profile selection on the start page for Smart TV users, offers a new feature with surprises – in the truest sense of the word movie4k.

Based on the formats already viewed, after selecting “Random playback”, a series or film is played that the user might like. At least that’s what Netflix assumes. You can find more about the (possible) innovation here: